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Application of laser navigation AGV carrier in ship industry

TIME:2020-10-12Author:Quick Robot

Laser guided AGV without reflector adopts advanced slam robot positioning technology, and sets formal coordinates according to the reference of the workshop. It runs more accurately and has higher utilization rate. It can easily plan the path and realize the flexible global deployment of AGV. With the continuous development of laser navigation technology, its applicable scenes are more extensive.

The research field of a certain institute is military ship, civil ship and ocean engineering construction technology. This time, we select the Kuaijie robot to develop the laser navigation based on slam, which can realize the automatic distribution of storage materials. The equipment has the function of real-time map construction, including map self construction, re positioning, automatic path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, electronic fence drawing, and so on The corresponding slam debugging software is provided to automatically plan the path of any two points on the built map.

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