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Kuaijie AGV unmanned truck helps improve the internal logistics of the factory

TIME:2020-08-26Author:Quick Robot

  A company is the world's leading manufacturer of wheels, structural plastics and aluminum castings for the commercial vehicle industry. Fast robot based on independent research and development of "bumblebee" AGV AGV, the underlying localization algorithm, operating system, controller and other core technology, developed with combined with latent AGV AGV, the mobile robot platform + function model develop applicable to the factory and the internal different scenarios of logistics, meet customer's actual demand.

  In the factory environment with man-machine mixing, the position and Angle of goods are complex and changeable. Accurate identification of goods and vehicles is the basic and core requirement for AGV unmanned vehicles. The fast robot AGV carrier is equipped with a high-precision obstacle avoidance and protection device through a vision sensor. It can automatically identify the vehicle and judge the loading and unloading position, so as to continuously improve the adaptive capacity of AGV in various application scenarios and continuously improve the working efficiency of unmanned AGV.

  Kuaijie robot is committed to providing customers with professional intelligent plant solution, laser navigation, magnetic navigation AGV AGV, intelligent logistics solutions, automated production equipment, has successfully with many famous electric business, logistics, automobile manufacturing and other enterprise cooperation, with many excellent cooperation case, to provide customers with perfect after-sale service and system training.

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