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Application of laser navigation AGV carrier in ship industry

Laser guided AGV without reflector adopts advanced slam robot positioning technology, and sets formal coord…


Kuaijie AGV unmanned truck helps improve the internal logistics of the factory

A company is the world's leading manufacturer of wheels, structural plastics and aluminum castings for the …


New leading of AGV navigation mode laser slam navigation AGV

Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, AGV's active area does not need to …


AGV case | roller type AGV to achieve production line docking

A clothing and textile production company needs to connect two production lines. As the distance between th…


Application of outdoor heavy-duty AGV in water conservancy industry

In order to maintain ecological balance, the fish should be transported from the transfer chamber to the up…


About laser SLAM forklift AGV



Latent traction agvs help intelligent production of auto parts

The automobile industry is the most mature field of AGV application and also one of the biggest markets of …


Fork plate lifting AGV car

Intelligent AGV vehicles are widely used in the field of warehousing and logistics. Thousands of AGV robots…

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