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Post Date: 1 / 14 / 14

I must blog more!

I must blog more!

I MUST, MUST blog more!!!

You know, I lived in Barcelona for a year in 2007 and 2008. At first I nannied and bartended, alternating every day between the wholesome and the depraved. Then I landed a bunch of jobs teaching English all over the city. I taught successful businessmen early in the morning, over coffee in their fancy offices. Then I moved on to wealthy housewives in the mid morning, then to young office workers over lunch, whose companies got big government grants to give their employees English lessons on their lunch breaks (this stopped shortly after I left, as Spain was pummeled by the recession). Late afternoon I taught littleĀ  kids, in their homes after school. In the evening I taught teenagers, also in their homes. Loooonng days.

Anyway, one common lesson that my students always seemed to like, was the lesson that clarified the difference between “Should”, “Must” and “Have to” . The Spanish language provides easy translations for ‘Should” and “Have to”, but not “Must”.

Must is an English thing.

Must Exists somewhere between should and have to. When I announce that I should do something, I mean that the thing to do is a nice thought, maybe even a very good idea. But with should, I’m kind of just acknowledging the thing, and maybe I have the best of intentions of following up. Just think of how often should is followed by but, and you’ll understand.

“I should go to the gym more often, but it is always so crowded.”

Have to is different… it implies an obligation toward the thing to do. “I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday… I have to be at work by 9am.”

But must… what a beautiful little word! It takes the good intentions of should and ramps up the urgency, then stops just short of have to. It’s a middle ground, a delightful and awful gray area! A pit stop for every procrastinator, myself included!

I started this flower thing as a side hustle three years ago, and then it grew, much more quickly then I expected. And I LOVED IT. And I was good at it too. So I began trying to make it into a real, full time business. It’s been a difficult road, I won’t lie. But successes and achievements and satisfaction often lie at the end of difficult roads, so I remain excited and grateful, despite of, and in the midst of, my exhaustion.

And if I want to succeed, I have to work even harder. I have to get my name out there, which means that, among other things (many, many, many things), I MUST BLOG MORE! It would be sooo good for my business; such a great way for potential clients to learn about me and what I do.

But my business won’t necessarily implode if I don’t blog. So I stop short of have to, but way past should, and linger lazily on must.

But friends, I think that the people I admire and aspire to emulate, don’t use must so liberally. And maybe that’s the difference between mediocrity and success… turning all those musts into have to’s.

I have to blog more.

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  1. Kate Sparks says:

    Yes, Amy, you have to blog more. At the very least to keep all of us flower farmers entertained after a hard day slogging in muddy fields cutting mountains of pussy willow into manageable stems.

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