Illuminated Meadow Lightbox

Post Date: 9 / 23 / 13

Illuminated Meadow Lightbox, Front and Palmer

I’m proud of this one. It was an ambitious design that I pitched eight months ago to Julia and Greg for their September wedding. I had never before made a thirty foot by ten foot “lightbox” full of towering grasses and willow branches, nor had I ever seen one. But the idea seemed solid to me, and they were adventurous and generous with their trust.

The idea of glimpsing a wild nature through a glowing “window” seemed like a striking installation for an industrial space like Front and Palmer, and striking it was. Paired with the “tree” pillars (we covered all six steel pillars in the room with branches and hanging globes of light) and the one hundred candles hanging from all the overhead beams, the room glowed and danced with light and life.

The exciting thing is that I can repeat this installation in a dozen different ways, in all kinds of venues!

Thank you Julia and Greg for your trust… you guys are awesome! Congratulations!!

Leaves of Grass Floral Design, Front and Palmer

Illuminated Meadow Lightbox 3, Front and Palmer Philadelphia

Illuminated Meadow Lightbox 4, Front and Palmer, Leaves of Grass, Philadelphia

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