“My” New Studio Table

Post Date: 8 / 17 / 13

tree branch table

Handsome Boyfriend is a furniture maker, amongst other things.

Some friends of ours in Fishtown wanted to dig up a dead tree outside their house and plant a new one, so he helped them. He’s the guy you call when you need things like chainsaws.

Hot, right??

Anyway, Handsome Boyfriend cut the tree in a hunk that he figured he could turn into a piece of furniture. It became a beautiful table that gets to live in my new flower studio until it sells.

He delivered it last night, atop his rugged and manly… honda civic.

Handsome Boyfriend delivers tree table

tree branch table legs

Mr. Milkshake supervised everything from the studio stoop.

Mr. Shakes

speckle bellied dog

Handsome Boyfriend does not like having his picture taken.

He would also disapprove of me titling him Handsome Boyfriend.

Luckily any disapproval he ever has manifests itself in only the mildest of eye rolling, so I never learn my lesson.

Handsome Boyfriend Hides from Camera

Getting all of the branch points to be perfectly level was one of the biggest challenges for him.

tree branch table legs

The table top was made from planks of old barn wood he got from an Amish farmer in Lancaster. After extensive sanding and several coats of lacquer, it is smooth and kind of mesmerizing.

tree table

We sat at the table for awhile, talking about how hard it will be to part with it, though we hope it sells. In the meantime, it will be where I sit down with clients to talk flowers.


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