Garden Wedding and the New Studio

Post Date: 8 / 15 / 13


I have several patient brides waiting for proposals from me, but I had to take an hour tonight and play with some leftover flowers in my new studio.

I love my new entryway! It’s on the corner, with this old school marble stoop, and a handmade wooden door.Flowers Outside the New Studio


Check out the hydrangea! It’s from the farm, and it’s what I like to call “stormy blue”. Hydrangea colors get so incredibly deep in late summer.

I made a little guy too…small concrete urn arrangement

Thank you to my Blue Goose crate for participating in this photo shoot.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret… sometimes, late at night, when I’m in my studio all alone, in the middle of a long, lonely stretch of putting together wedding arrangements… I talk to this goose.

Sometimes I even yell at him, you know, when the flowers are being ornery and I’m very tired.

He’s a good sport about it.

blue goose crate

We recently took all my vintage wooden crates and turned them into a wall of display “shelves” in my new studio, but I spared my buddy, The Goose, from being bolted to the wall.

Is that crazy??

wooden crate shelves

So I’m really sorry for any brides reading this post who are thinking, “Why the f*^# is she blogging?! Why isn’t she finishing my over due proposal?!!”

I just couldn’t resist playing with these leftovers from the centerpieces from last weekend’s wedding.

They were lovely, simple garden designs in birch bark vases.

birch vase dahlia arrangement

cafe au lait dahlia centerpiece

sandersonias_tweedia_clematis_juliets_dahlias_feather willow_tansy

So exciting getting the first cafe au lait dahlias of the season! (even if I did have to drive to NYC for them at 4am, because much of the local crop has rotted from recent heavy rains)cafe au lait dahlias

And tweedia!! My absolute favorite flower on earth (for the moment). They’re the little blue ones.

The orange ones are sandersonias, a flower I’ve wanted to work with for awhile, but they’re hard to get. They come in yellow and orange, and I actually ordered the yellows, but this is what nature had to offer this week. Gotta roll with nature’s punches. This meant that I couldn’t use as many in the arrangements as I’d planned on, without clashing the peachy palette. A little orange adds a golden touch, but too much would make the peach tones I was going for look pink, the whole thing taking on the inspiration of a miami cocktail.

They’re so delicate and pretty though!

tweedia and sandersonias

And is there really any more perfect wedding flower than the juliet garden rose? I mean, come on.

juliet garden roses

Loving the new studio!! So much better than working in my living room!

lazy susan, florist's helper

dinner plate dahlia

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