Goodbye Summer!

Post Date: 9 / 29 / 11

Playing with tweedia and privet berries

Hello everyone! I’d like to apology to all of my readers, all half dozen of you, for my abhorrent blog posting record. This new little business of mine is really “flowering” (sorry for that) and is keeping me quite busy. I have tons of pictures from summer weddings, scattered all over my hardrive and my inbox and in the portfolios of kind-hearted photographers I have yet to contact. I’ve decided to throw an easily accessible handful of them up on this post today, just to wet your appetites. Big, big things are coming my friends! Soon I will finally, finally have a proper website with a big, drool-worthy gallery of my work. I will also be in a new studio space to be lovingly remodeled by my wonderful boyfriend and my wonderful little brother… so nice to have strapping young men in one’s life. But what I’m really excited about are 2011’s remaining weddings and floral projects. I’ll throw out this teaser… late October, Jose Garces’s newest restaurant, Cira Center Loby, four hundred candles, twenty six fat tree trunks… interested? Stay tuned!

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