Simple Things

Post Date: 3 / 16 / 11

Sometimes I get so busy corralling my flowers into their arrangements and then about town, that I forget how much I enjoy having them in my life. After a big event I usually have leftover flowers. I often give them away, or toss them in vases around my house, but sometimes I’m so exhausted that they never leave the “leftover bucket” that gets dumped in my kitchen. A few days ago I put this simple, spring time arrangement of campanula, hybrid delphinium and tulips together for Spa Rescue’s table at the flower show…

Afterwards, I only had a couple sprigs of campanula left. They were so perfect and lovely… I just couldn’t leave them in the bucket. There was a stash of wine bottles on top of my fridge, that I’ve been cutting to turn into vases. I grabbed a green bordeaux bottle and tossed the campanula in with a handful of craspedia. In seconds I had this lovely little arrangement that has been making me smile for days now, tuning my city apartment into a country cottage. No crazy designs, no elaborate pruning… just some sprigs of flowers in a wine bottle, created in about seven seconds. Sometimes it’s good to remind myself that simple can be best.

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