Love is Love

Post Date: 5 / 21 / 14

I am so happy today, for everyone in my state who is in love and has suffered under the pain of exclusion and stigma for way too long! We’re FINALLY moving forward everyone!!

I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school for nine years. I was told that nobody was really gay, but that some people were confused, and needed patience and guidance to overcome this confusion. It didn’t make much sense to me as a girl, and honestly I can’t say I gave it much thought at the time. I didn’t think about agreeing or disagreeing with this lesson… it didn’t effect me, or anyone I knew.

That upbringing and that school happened in a very rural area in upstate New York. When I moved to Philadelphia at the age of sixteen, I made my first gay friends, and those old gradeschool lessons, long forgotten, resurfaced in my mind. And as soon as they did, it only took the briefest of half seconds for me to know, fully and completely, that I disagreed with them. That those lessons were wrong.

It seemed so obvious to me that there was nothing wrong with being gay. Every gay person I knew, was simply a person… a person with all the same dreams, ideas, ambitions and feelings as every other person. So it has baffled me that¬† discrimination towards the LGBT community could, not only exist, but be supported by LAW, in the form of a ban on same sex marriage (among other bans).

It has never made sense to me. I’ve tried to understand the fears and the misunderstanding that drives such discrimination, and it makes me sad. Sad that people could hold such misguided bias in their hearts.

But today I am not sad! Today I am happy!! And you know what? I haven’t met someone who doesn’t support gay marriage in a long, long time. And that’s a relief. I think we may be very, very close to putting this ugly chapter of discrimination behind us. It’s a shame that it will always be on record in the history books, but now it will be a story of progress. Progress towards, as Abraham Lincoln put it,¬† those “better angels of our nature”.

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