florist in winter, jonesing for stems

Post Date: 2 / 6 / 14


I was getting ready to brave the icy streets today, to go to the bank and the post office. Handsome Boyfriend approached me, looked deeply into my eyes, and said,

“Please buy me fruit and steak.”

Well. Sometimes a fella just wants some fruit and steak. Poor dear… he’s been working like crazy and subsisting on a lot of packaged noodles and wawa sandwiches. I guess I’ve not been the best lady partner, letting my man go malnourished like that. Today he just had this insane, survival craving for nutrients and protein.

So. Off to Whole Foods! At 5pm! Which, if you live in the city, you know is a bad idea!! But if my fella wants fruit and steak, then fruit and steak he shall have.

Little did he know that he was sending me into… what’s it called when someone has an addiction and you put them in a situation where they will be tempted?I don’t know… a danger zone.

It’s a dismal time of year for flowers. None of my local farmers has bupkiss for me, and right now I have no big weddings that give me an excuse to drive to the NYC flower market.  So when Whole Paycheck hit me with a mountain of winter ranunculus, right inside the door…

Well… I bought fruit and steak and one hundred stems of ranunculus. Sigh.

ranunculus cart

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